Bluebird pin


Model 0119 pin

1.89 in (48 mm) x 1.85 in (47 mm)


Backs, pins, and clasps on all broaches & pins are made of solid sterling silver. Cloisonné jewelry is handcrafted by fusing kiln-fired glass to a sterling silver foundation, and each color is outlined by a fine braid of silver wire. All Bamboo Jewelry is enameled on both the front and back which strengthens pieces and makes the backside smoother to the touch. Lastly, all Bamboo Jewelry comes packaged in eco-friendly bamboo gift boxes lined with anti-tarnish fabric.Eastern Bluebird (Sialia sialis) populations have declined in recent years to levels less than 20% of their previous numbers. Reasons for these declines may include severe winters, harmful effects from pesticides used to control fire ants, and competition for increasingly scarce nest sites.

Eastern Bluebirds typically feed by dropping from low perches to capture grasshoppers and other insects as well as arthropods. They have good eyesight and can locate small prey from more than 100 feet away. They will also eatsmall fleshy fruits during the late summer, fall, and winter.


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